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Plant 10 Trees

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Designed with movement in mind

The Yogzi

Love your body, don't worry about the tag

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Who We Are

Our designs aren't average, and neither is our company.
Ethically Made
We believe that every person deserves a fair wage and a safe working environment. So that's who we work with.
Environmentally Friendly
You plant 10 trees for every product you purchase. Find out why planting a tree means even more than supporting our earth.
Body Positive
Too many people struggle with negative self-image. We're doing what we can to change that. You are you. Own it. Love it.

The Yogzi™ Design

The onesie that will transform your practice.

The Capri Yogzi – Not Your Average Onesie
  • Convenience

    Grab one thing and you're set for your workout. Keep a Yogzi in your gym bag so you're always ready to go.
  • Presence

    Solves a problem and looks good while doing it. Never break focus again on account of your clothes.
  • Quality

    Made with the highest quality fabrics that are anti-bacterial, moisture-wicking, and built to breathe and move.
  • Comfort

    Easy to get in and out of, without uncomfortable clasps or zippers. Just step in and pull up.
"The Yogzi became my go to yoga outfit like overnight."
"It's so nice to grab ONE item of clothing when I'm running out the door."
"As a full figured girl, I will admit I was skeptical... I was shocked at how much I loved it and I have now ordered one in every color!!"
"The Yogzi is an innovative solution to one of the most irritating parts of yoga class - adjusting clothes and feeling self-conscious."
"There is nothing worse in kick boxing than when your pants start to fall down and you can't lift them up because you have lobster claws for hands. Problem solved ready to kick ass now. Super comfortable and flattering. Easy to get in and out of."
"I absolutely love my Yogzi! I was skeptical about the ease and functionality of a one-piece but now I don't want to practice yoga in anything else."