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8 Lessons in 8 Months

8 Lessons in 8 Months

It’s been eight months since Noya officially launched. Eight wonderful, terrifying, exhilarating, constant-learning months. We've learned a lot, way more than you'd probably want to read, so we picked one lesson for each month to share. May these inspire your own reflection and help you grow in the new year!

  1. Launch parties are awesome.
  2. People really do love the environment.
  3. Onesies are scary until you put them on. Then they’re amazing.
  4. Don’t walk through a dog park on the way to a photoshoot.
  5. Authenticity is the secret ingredient.
  6. Finding great fabric is like finding a needle in a haystack.
  7. Customer service isn’t a business strategy, it’s common sense.
  8. Your mom will always be your biggest fan.


1. Launch parties are awesome.

We threw a launch party to kick off the official release of noyayoga.com to the world. It was in a fun and edgy space at a downtown Dallas startup incubator. Friends and family came together to set up, decorate, and showcase the three items we had available for purchase. We drank local wine and beer from awesome local breweries. The photo booth was hopping, as the image above reveals! It was a night we won’t forget and, though the weather was daunting, we’re so grateful to those who braved the storm and came out to celebrate with us.

2. People really do love the environment.

I can talk until I’m blue in the face about the high quality of our yoga apparel and the intentions behind each design, but nothing draws a reaction quite like the phrase, “And we plant a tree for every product purchased!” People really do love the environment, but it’s difficult to know when and how to make an eco-friendly choice. Even the choice between paper and plastic isn’t always clear (plastic can be created with less resources and is lighter, but isn’t always recycled properly and ends up in landfills…so which is better?). Planting a tree is an easy choice. Our environmental advice as an apparel company: buy high quality so you can buy less (yep, we said it).

3. Onesies are scary until you put them on. Then they’re amazing.

We’re going to start videoing the moment someone wears the Yogzi for the first time. It’s like a little light bulb illuminates just over their head and this giant smile of understanding and approval races across their face. To explain it in emojis, the stages look something like this: 😐😏😳😀😃😍

4. Don’t walk through a dog park on the way to a photoshoot.

We love dogs. They are adorable, happy, and loving creatures who basically never fail to put a smile on your face. That’s what we thought when designating the meeting place for one of our outdoor photoshoots. The problem was that dogs in dog parks (obviously) don’t have to be on a leash. And it poured rain the night before. One dog found us and absolutely could not contain his excitement for our presence. He sprinted toward us, only pausing briefly to revel in a nearby mud puddle and then he set his sights and paws on us. He particularly liked our yogi model who was dressed and ready to shoot. Our brave and patient photographer and yogi model didn’t utter a single complaint. But needless to say, our shots were mostly silhouettes that shoot. 

5. Authenticity is the secret ingredient.

From the beginning, we wanted Noya to have an authentic voice that gave life to the causes we hold dear and to the challenges that many of us face, whether those are sexy subjects or not. It’s not enough to offer a product that we stand behind, we also had to have a mission that we stood behind. This has been a priority in every blog we publish, every email we send, and every social media post we share. The growth and support our community continues to display shows that these things matter. We know you have endless choices on who to follow, support, and purchase from and we are so very grateful that you choose Noya. We promise to continue our mission of eco-friendly practices and positive self-image advocacy. We’ll also continue to develop awesome designs for you to wear when reaching for your health goals. Positive minds, healthy habits and sustainable practices, that’s what we’re all about.

6. Finding great fabric is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Ohhhhh fabric. Sourcing is perhaps one of the most challenging tasks for a young apparel company. We’ve tested so many fabrics it’s plain craziness. But when you find that precious four-way stretch, antibacterial, moisture-wicking, soft hand-feel, easy-to-wash, no-shrink, perfect-drape, wrinkle-release, lightweight, but not too lightweight, fabric…it’s like magic. And the icing on the cake is applied when your customer says, “I just love the fabric!” Damn right you love the fabric, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

7. Customer service isn’t a business strategy, it’s common sense.

Noya exists because of you, our customers. You allow us to dream (and achieve) our dream of growing our mission of sustainability and of increasing our impact on causes like positive self image and the environment. You are at the core of our business and just like in yoga, a strong core is EVERYTHING. It’s not a strategy, it’s common sense to listen, to be responsive, and to work towards solutions. Have a question, comment, idea, or concern? That happens to be our specialty. Give us a shout.

8. Your mom will always be your biggest fan and customer.

I knew she’d be supportive, but as always she exceeds every expectation of support. I love you, Mom. And with the same amount of gratitude and admiration: I love you, Dad, Luke, Katie, Angela, Tim and all friends and family, new and old. -Christine

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Jan 05, 2017 • Posted by Christine Reppa

Thank you, Angela! You have been a wonderful support and I’m so glad you love your Yogzis! Much love.

Jan 04, 2017 • Posted by Angela Wagner

I love this blog and love you. You are doing amazing things for the world! And girl, #3 is totally true. I practiced without my yogzi yesterday and flashed my belly to the world in headstand. I am spoiled now and don’t want to practice in anything else. Love, Angela

PS So proud of you!

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