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Happy in a Yogzi the Yoga Onesie

First off, thank you for visiting us!

Noya officially launched April 29, 2016. A launch party with family and friends kicked everything off and from that loving foundation we’ve continued to grow our kick-ass community. 

To put it simply, Noya is more than just a clothing company. From the beginning we chose to speak up about causes we hold dear and challenges that many of us face. This might not always be "sexy," but we’re here to keep it real. Yes, we offer amazing products that we love, but Noya embodies more than just a great product. We're on a mission to empower. This is what inspires every blog we publish, every email we send, and every social media post we share. It also impacts who we work with.

The people behind the scenes are as much a part of Noya as the yogis on our Instagram feed. Everyone deserves a safe working environment and fair pay. So we only support those who offer these standards to their employees.

We know you have endless choices on who to follow, support, and purchase from and we are so very grateful that you choose Noya. We promise to continue our mission which includes eco-friendly practices and positive self-image advocacy. We will always plant 10 trees for every product you purchase and we’ll continue to develop awesome designs for you to wear when working toward your health goals. Positive minds, healthy habits and sustainable practices, that’s what we’re all about. 

Woman doing a Yoga Pose in a Yogzi a Yoga Onesie

The Yogzi

The Yogzi is the first product we developed. The intention behind the design is to solve a problem and look good while doing it. 

The Yogzi keeps you covered, but perhaps more importantly, it keeps you from the distraction of shifting clothes. How many times have you stopped in the middle of practice to pull your shirt down or tuck it into your pants? Probably a lot. But not anymore!

There are other onesies out there, but none are quite like the Yogzi. For one thing, it looks like a top with a bra and leggings. No one would suspect you’re wearing a onesie…And on top of that, it is accessible to people of all different styles. We all like to wear our clothes a little differently, some would say no-way-Jose to a onesie, but the Yogzi tends to bridge the gap of non-onesie wearers and onesie wearers because it looks so darn good on everyone. 

And last, but certainly not least, the Yogzi is crazy convenient. Grab one thing, rush out the door, and you’re ready to hit up the studio.

When we had the idea for the Yogzi design, we had to see if we could make something that lived up to all of this function and fashion. We think we nailed it. (But don’t take our word for it, check out all the 5 star reviews.) 


Christine Reppa Eco Friendly Noya Yoga Brand Founder

Our Founder

Christine Reppa, Noya's founder, has been an avid yogi since 2012. She completed her 200-hour RYT training in 2015. She has loved trees since childhood when her parents nurtured an intense love for nature. After a life-changing experience living and volunteering in Guatemala and an extended stay in Africa, she has been on a mission to create a spark of change in the world

Instagram @christinereppa | Twitter @76reppa