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    We work with studios and small businesses to help them sell their retail! Why? Because we love to collaborate with other small businesses and offer our community a wide variety of apparel designs.


    Noya Collaborative Retail Program


    As a small business ourselves, we simply do not have the resources to create pieces for every fashion trend. And as an eco-friendly brand, nor do we want to use a bunch of resources. 

    With our collaborations we aim to offer something for everyone while simultaneously supporting fellow small business owners and cutting down on waste. By working with small businesses who already stock the items we bring to our community and by those businesses shipping directly to you, we create green partnerships. Less resources are consumed and more items which already exist actually find a home...instead of falling through the cracks (yes, unsold items going right to a landfill happens more than we'd like to think).


    How it Works

    • We now offer more fresh designs through our studio and small business partners! 
    • Noya Email Subscribers will receive an email notifying them of new items and the deadline for purchase. You must be subscribed to our email list to get notified.
    • If there are any discounts available, those discounts will be included in the email, so be sure you are subscribed! 
    • Designs from collaborating studios are available for 14 days ONLY. At the end of the 2 week period the items will no longer be offered on our site and new designs will take their place.
    • Noya branded items live on our site and are available year-round until sold out. 
    • If you purchase a featured design (not a Noya branded item) your item(s) will arrive directly from our partnering studios and small businesses. For all returns and exchanges, please contact us at within 10 business days of purchase for instructions on how to return your unworn items.
    • Check out our current Featured Collection here.

    For Studios

    Want to become a collaborating studio? Wonderful! Email us at and we'll get you set up with all the details.