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If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us at info@noyayoga.com. We will almost always get back to you within 24 hours.

1. Do you ship internationally?

Yes! If you have any trouble during checkout please message us and we'll be sure to get it sorted.

2. When I purchase a product and a tree is planted, where is the tree planted?

Trees are planted in various locations in the world where our partner, Trees for the Future, has projects. The majority of the projects are in sub-saharan Africa.

3. Why do you plant trees?

There are countless worthy causes in the world. Why trees? We chose trees because of their versatile benefits and their tie to yoga itself. Tree pose much? Trees are the ultimate givers. They recycle the air we breathe, they provide shade and reduce electricity usage, they beautify neighborhoods, and they even provide food for families in need. In Africa, where many tree projects are initiated, locals now have crops, animals, and food thanks to the ripple effects of planting trees. Trees have the ability to draw up ground water deep beneath the earth’s surface and release moisture into the air. Crops planted near these trees are not only strengthened by the water they provide, but also by their shade that gives the crops relief from the sun's harsh heat. Planting trees literally helps everyone on the planet. Whew! We got a little carried away on that one, but now you can see why we LOVE trees!

4. What is overage fabric?

Instead of making new fabric, whenever possible we use fabric that's already made and would likely go to waste. It is high-quality, anti-bacterial, and moisture-wicking overage fabric from other productions. Producing in small batches allows us to take advantage of these small quantity fabrics. It's the most eco-friendly fabric we've been able to get our hands on because we aren't using any extra resources! However, this does mean that once we sell out of a fabric, it's gone. So be sure to snag the colors you love quickly!

5. Where does the name "Noya" come from?

The name "Noya" was created to honor two of our greatest inspirations, nature and yoga. The name is extracted from the phrase, "Nature of Yoga."

6. Why do you offer so few products?

Don’t worry, there will be more. We are just getting started, and we already have many more products designed and in line for production. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter at @noya_yoga and sign up for our newsletter so you are the first to know about new releases.

7. What is the Yogzi™ and what is all the fuss about?

The Yogzi (pronounced: yō-[g]-zee) is an integrated one-piece design that includes a top, bottom, and bra. It is super functional because it stays put while you practice. It is also super convenient because you only have to remember one thing in the morning. Grab your Yogzi and you’re off to conquer the day!

8. The Yogzi sounds great, but what if I have to use the little girls' room?

If you've ever worn a one-piece swim suit then you know the gist of how to take the Yogzi on and off. Step in and pull up. Reverse that to take it off. The good news-- this is way easier than removing a skin-tight wet swim suit. It slides right off so you can be worry-free when nature calls.

9. Why is your sizing system so different?

There are two reasons why we have tree sizes instead of traditional sizing. 1) A size is a size. It does not define you. Women in particular have a tendency to dwell on a number or letter on the tag. But it doesn't mean anything! The tag could say Willow or Oak and no one would have any idea what that means, so who cares?! Love your body and don't worry about the tag. 2) The Yogzi is not your typical clothing item. Just because you are a medium in one brand, does not mean you’ll be a medium in the Yogzi, so we didn’t want anyone to make assumptions! That said, the most consistent sizing comparison we’ve found is with dress sizes. For example, if your dress size is a 2 you will likely be a size Oak in the Yogzi. You can find full info on our sizing chart.

10. It doesn’t fit, can I send it back for a different size?

Of course! We want you to love your Noya™ products. If something doesn’t fit, please send it back within 21 days of receiving your original shipment and we’ll get it all squared away. We only ask that you return your item(s) in the same condition in which you received them. Check out our Returns & Exchanges page for more info.