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Eco Friendly Yoga Apparel Brand Noya Yoga Pose

We're On a Mission to Empower 

Through our designs we empower you to feel good. Being healthy and confident is for every body (2 words). It's not about how you look, or what size your tag says, it's about how you feel. Getting healthy and staying healthy is a HUGE part of feeling good. When you feel good, you look gorgeous, darling! Get on your mat, in the gym, or wherever you go to take care of yourself. 

Through our plant a tree project we empower impoverished areas of the world. With new vegetation and skills to maintain healthy crops, farmers in formerly desolate areas are able to produce enough food for their families and in some cases are able to produce a surplus of crops to sell. When you plant a tree, you do way more than create the oxygen we breathe...which isn't a bad result either! 

Through our environmental focus we empower future generations. Where possible, we use fabric overages to reduce waste by utilizing existing materials that might otherwise be needlessly discarded. We also source eco-friendly recycled packaging, which we encourage you to reuse and recycle after it's done protecting your Noya products! We strive to minimize our carbon footprint so that future generations can enjoy the natural world and the life-sustaining resources it provides. 

We invite you to get involved with Noya and our mission. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, wherever you interact with the world wide web. We'd love to hear from you. Together we can make a difference. 

Plant a tree, grow a community.